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Real estate
  1. Purchase and sale of real estate. Due diligence prior to the acquisition, advisory services for the negotiation and execution of sale and purchase agreements.
  2. Finance and guarantees. In particular for refinancing.
  3. Legal advisory services to construction agents and during the building process.
  4. Legal advisory services regarding leases. Regarding the negotiation of contracts, drafting of contracts, eviction procedures.
  5. Horizontal (unit) titles and owners’ association regimes.
  6. Refinancing, restructuring.
  7. Encumbrances and compliance with environmental regulations.
Audio-visual and intellectual property law
  1. Advisory services regarding copyright and intellectual property of literary, artistic and scientific works, with special reference to the economic exploitation rights thereof, owners and transfers of rights.
  2. Advisory services to authors and producers regarding the regulatory framework regarding publication contracts, theatre and musical representations, audio-visual productions, assignment of intellectual property rights regarding computer programs and the production of phonograms.
  3. Preparation of service lease, labour performance and assignment of rights contracts in respect of the foregoing areas.
  4. Advisory services regarding the regulatory framework for the distribution, reproduction, public communication and transformation of audio-visual and musical works.
  5. Advisory services regarding jurisdictional protection of intellectual property rights. Legal actions for the cessation of unlawful activities and for the recovery for losses and damages caused.
  6. Imposition of interim injunction measures for the urgent protection of intellectual property rights.
  7. Advisory services regarding official grants and tax benefits for the production of audio-visual works.
  8. General advisory services for intellectual property rights management firms (Entidades de Gestión de Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual).
Corporate and mercantile contracting
  1. General advisory services to businesses regarding generic aspects of corporate and company law and specifically in respect of corporate procurement within the corresponding activity sector.
  2. Company incorporation.
  3. Formulation of accounts for the governing body.
  4. Drafting of minutes and certificates corresponding to the approval of accounts by the General Shareholders' Meeting.
  5. Filing of accounts at the Companies Register.
  6. Appointment of auditors, as the case may be, and advisory services regarding the execution of audit services contracts.
  7. The keeping and transcription of minutes of the meetings of governing bodies in the corresponding minutes books.
  8. Provision of secretarial services at boards of directors’ meetings and performance of the functions of the legal advisor to boards of directors.
  9. Appointment and renewal of positions on the board of directors.
  10. Carrying out of any necessary modifications to corporate Articles of Association: change of registered address, corporate purpose, governing body, etc.
  11. Granting of powers of attorney (including the design of the structure of powers of attorney of companies, if required).
  12. Increases and reductions of share capital.
  13. Sale and purchase of company shares.
  14. Periodic remittance of updated corporate information of companies.
  15. Re-organisation of the corporate structure of corporate groups and design of corporate structures in terms of parent companies, subsidiaries and companies in which an interest is held both within Spain and abroad.
Conflict resolution
  1. Preparation and analysis of possible legal actions for the adequate defence of the client interests before the Courts of Justice. Planning of the appropriate procedural strategy with specific proposals regarding the most pertinent probatory scope.
  2. Legal counsel services and defence of the client interests in all types of procedures before civil, criminal, employment and administrative jurisdictions.
  3. Legal counsel services and defence of client interests in arbitration procedures.
  4. Enforcement in Spain of judgments delivered by foreign courts.
  5. Preparation of legal actions and legal counsel services for criminal proceedings in relation to economic offences and breaches of industrial or intellectual property rights.
Urban planning
  1. Urban planning. Drafting and processing of general and development urban planning instruments:
    • Drafting and management of general planning procedures.
    • Drafting and specific modifications to general urban planning designs.
    • Sectorisation plans.
    • Partial plans, partial plans for interior reform, special plans and detailed studies.
  2. Urban planning management and urban development:
  3. Drafting and management of the approval and registration at the Property Register of Re-parcelling, compensation and subdivision projects, as well as the management agreement.
    • Compensation system. Drafting of the initiative, drafting of bases and articles of action. Constitution and management of the compensation committee.
    • Urban land expropriations. System of expropriation and other types of urban land expropriations. Right of the public administrations to obtain land for public use.
    • Urban conservation entities.
    • Performance through urban development agents, experience in activities in Castile-La Mancha and the Region of Valencia.
    • Fees and expenses for urban planning, legal and administrative claims, by way of enforcement via the corresponding local council.
  4. Urban planning licences and authorisations.
  5. Licences and authorisations for large commercial establishments.
Competition law
  1. Advisory services regarding practices in contravention of competition law. Analysis of exclusive distribution, franchise, exclusive supply and selective distribution system contracts, research and development agreements and specialisation contracts. Application and processing of singular authorisations for agreements and contracts before the Competition Court.
  2. Advisory services regarding the legitimate exercise of intellectual property rights when conflicts exist in respect of rights of free competition.
  3. Mergers and acquisitions. Notification, where appropriate, before the Antitrust Authority.
  4. Legal advisory services regarding proceedings before Spanish administrative bodies and courts.
  5. Proceedings and legal actions in defence of the interests of the client in light of unfair competition practices or breaches by third parties of competition law provisions.
European law
  1. Legal advisory services regarding European law, supervision of regulatory projects and analysis of their possible consequences.
  2. Legal advisory services regarding the free movement of goods, services, establishments, persons and capital and interdiction of obstacles thereto.
  3. European competition law.
  4. Proceedings before the European Commission or the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Public contracting and contentious-administrative (judicial review) proceedings
  1. Legal advisory services in public contracting procedures and execution of contracts with public administrations.
  2. Claims to the public administrations for amounts owed as a result of the performance of public contracts.
  3. Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals in respect of public contracting.
  4. Legal advisory services and legal counsel services regarding contentious-administrative appeals against acts of the public administrations.

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